“Where you find naked people. If it’s *really* hot out…”: Long Lake

We felt like a little hike, mid-week. We’re becoming obsessed, and by “we”, I mean 2/3 of the interns and I—we’ve realised that with time passing faster and our blissful Whitehorse summer clicking along, we should really squeeze in every possible hike we can. So this was Thursday night… and it was fantastic. What my photos never show are the mosquitos—which are not seen all that much within Whitehorse, because, apparently, they’re “drowned by pellets”… that sounded a bit cruel to me, until I went beyond the city. Man. Things are either really small or really big in Whitehorse. Just guess what the mosquitos are. Urg.

Anyway… Long Lake was an easy hike from the city, 8km round-trip, which ended up with us at what is the skinny-dipping, nude-beaching locale of “real summer in Whitehorse… a rare phenomenon. Like an eligible, desirable 25-45 year old male… people get equally excited about both, it appears… And so: the Long Lake Hike:

2013-06-14 19.50.23(not long, probably a lake) 2013-06-14 20.10.09 WHY is all the water SO clean?! 2013-06-14 20.09.169pm, ladies and gentlemen… 2013-06-14 20.08.39these little bays are the only thing that get warm enough to swim in, but Yukoners (or Newfoundlanders, apparently) will be willing to swim DEGREES before the rest of us sentient beings. 2013-06-14 20.09.47A good night was had by all…


2 responses to ““Where you find naked people. If it’s *really* hot out…”: Long Lake

    • @Kath: there have been hot days lately—28 degrees or so—but… no, I still don’t want to swim. It takes a lot to get me swimming outside. 😉

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